Welcome Adventurers!

Tales From the Yawning Portal is a WOC publication of Dungeons & Dragons that showcases some of the more infamous adventures from the realm of D&D. For information regarding the adventures, pick up a copy of Tales from the Yawning Portal from Gamer's Inn.

A custom campaign has been created to allow our level 1 adventurers to progress through each adventure in the book.  

The active adventure is: The Forge of Fury...visit the link for more information on the adventure.

Key Things to Know / Prepare For…

  • Location of PlayGamer's Inn (Click link for address).
  • Character Prep – You MUST have your character leveled-up to level 3.  For a free way to create your character and ensure they are at level 3…visit this Character Builder link (Free, but you have to register). Other character generators are available on Google Play HERE or are available via a basic web search.
  • Day of Play – Come prepared with your character, dice, a miniature representing your character and a desire for fun. If you need dice, miniatures or a player guide…buy it from Gamer's Inn.
  • Recommended GearPlayer's Handbook, 5th Edition , Set of Dice, Mini…available at Gamer's Inn.
  • For additional questions, send email to Dovahkiinale@gmail.com 

See you there

Grey Beard

Adventures from the Yawning Portal

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